1st Online Meeting




UP2B - 1st Transnational Online Meeting



  • 10:30am (PT)
    11:30am (ES; DK)
    12:30am (BG; LV; TR)

    General information about the Project’s state-of-arts:

  • Covid-19 impacts

  • NA updates

  • IO1 development and upcoming tasks

  • IO2 development and upcoming tasks

  • Dissemination & Visibility state-of-arts and upcoming tasks

  • Other cross-sectoral issues state-of-arts and upcoming tasks AOB

  • Next online meeting booking


José Bronze Martin Savchev Tomás Puebla Martínez Rezzan Balcilar Çetin Ilin Carlinda Leite   Ludmila Renge Elsa Branco
          Amélia Lopes   Tatjana Moisejeva  
          Preciosa Fernandes      
          Angélica Monteiro      
          Rita Barros      






Decision/ Upcoming task

Covid-19 impacts in the project

Prorogation for 6 more months to be asked by the Coordinator to the NA;

if accepted it will take the ending date of the Project to the 29th / December/2022

(instead of the current 29th/June/2022);

this will also allow to have one additional school period to test/use the outputs.


Upcoming Transnational Meeting in Riga, Latvia (12th-13th October 2020)



At a later stage of the project the partnership will re-book this meeting (once more concrete information becomes available concerning the safety of travelling in due regard for the Covid-19 risks).

NA updates

Change in the person dedicated to our project:

Joana Afonso left the NA; Ana Isabel Cunha was not the substitute (as we were expecting due to her participation in the 1stmeeting);

The new person responsible to follow UP2B Project at the NA is Paulo Santos.



structure layout being developed by ÇU


- Still in its development phase;

- NOT to be a totally open access platform due to spam and abuse users;

- Therefore, the partners will be dedicated to the users’ inclusion in their own country (in PT this will be done by FPCEUP and in TR this will be done by CK; in the remaining countries it will be done by each National partner);

- Despite being a Moodle platform, same labels should be changed in order tobetter fit its aims, for example, substituting “courses” by “resources”;

- To introduce, if possible, a “search engine” feature allowing for the searching by age groups, thus avoiding the need to create specific folders for age groups and keeping only the folders for “school subjects”;

 Upcoming tasks:

- to continue the full structure and inclusion of modules (ÇU + APLOAD + FPCEUP)



still to launch;


- Preparatory works undertaken:

 Decision on entries by School subject only (it makes more sense since Schools are directly concerned about their own subjects, not directly addressing professions or the Labour Market, so they will always be more receptive to something that also directly addresses their subjects);

On-going the definition of main domains; partners will be called to add any missing subject related to their National specificities (always according to the age groups 12-16 years old).

Upcoming tasks:

- A data collection Excel will circulate for partners to include contents; APLOAD/José Bronze will send the data collection Excel until the end of July to collect inputs from partners until the end of October (this was initially foreseen until the end of August, so we are having a two-months delay, already considered for the prorogation request).



- 1 Facebook public group exists;

- 1 press release was published in PT

(local newspaper “PrimeiraMão” published on 9th March 2020 both on paper and online versions).

- To keep the Facebook Group already existing, for “internal” use and for inclusion of people “within the subject” (teachers, trainers, schools’ managers and alike);

- To re-activate one of the Facebook Pages that had been dismissed in order to be used as an open wide visibility page of the Project to where any user will be invited, regardless of having or not a direct link with the project’s matters;

Upcoming tasks:

- RIGAS SKOLA Ludmila Renge/Tatjana Moisejeva to re-activate the Facebook page;

- CK/RezzanBalcilar to prepare and share an Excel form for partners to collect the stakeholder’s Institutional data (Schools’ names, website, Facebook pages, Email addresses, and alike), given provision to the compromise on page 202 of the application concerning this aspect; such database will NOT contain any personal data, only institutional data;



1st internal data collection round (1 out of 5) to be undertaken after the next online meeting;

1st initial data collection near teachers to be undertaken in October 2020 (as long as the data collection occurs before the use of the UP2B products it will be ok);

Upcoming tasks:

- CETEM/ Tomás Puebla to share with APLOAD/ José Bronze the proposal for the data collection tools in order to allow for their use in the foreseen periods


Next online meeting

Booked for the 18th September 2020 at 11:30 CET

10:30h (PT)

11:30h (ES + DK)

12:30h (BG + LV + TR)



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