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Çukurova University


Çukurova University, founded in 1973, is situated on 20000 decars of beautiful land on the eastern coast of Seyhan Dam Lake.

The University, 10 km away from the city centre, is a major one in Turkey with its modern infrastructure and facilities. It is in the top 5 Universities in Turkey and 500 in the World.

Çukurova University occupies a foremost place among other Turkish universities with its.

Nearly 2000 teaching Staff offers education to about 56000 students.

The university considers providing highly qualified graduates to Turkey as a top priority.

Being the biggest Vocational School of Higher Education of Çukurova University, Adana Vocational School of Higher Education, in Beyazevler Campus, serves about 6000 students in 15 departments of both formal and distance education.
It aims to educate well-trained and talented staff in that country needed branches; the interface between engineers and technicians to meet the need for manpower and professional staff, modern and high quality.

In the organisation, whose education and training periods lasts for two years, students graduate with the title of technician and professional staff.

It promotes training as formal education in the departments of.
And also in the departments of Computer Technologies, Accounting and Tax Applications, Child Development, and Electronical Communication as distance education in Adobe Connect and Perculus Platforms.

Including a total of
16 laboratories,
6 workshops,
40 classrooms and
45 offices are available

Adana Vocational School of Higher Education has 47 academic and 28 administrative staff.

In addition, the academic members of the faculties of our university, such as Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Education and Medicine, support the school as teaching staff.

Cukurova University applies ECTS and provides Diploma Supplement to all graduates starting from 2006.

Cukurova University has taken part in the EU projects since 2006 and implemented many projects for developing the vocational education and training, adult education and school education as the coordinator or beneficiary.
Since my department has many distance education departments and programs in its system, among others, the school applied for distance education/eLearning projects such as
“Observing Distance Education Technologies” in Spain, and then
“Innovations in e-Learning for Disabled People” in Italy.
ILGRECO Project:
“Implementing Learning Games Resources based on Educational Content”
in Romania and Lithuania.
Then, the school was funded with the Project of “Innovations in e-Learning Programs for Climatisation Systems” in Poland and Italy.

In 2012
the school took part in two projects; one in Grundtvig Learning Partnership
“Building eLearning Bridges”
which is about the barriers and drop-outs in eLearning, and one in TOI “ESP-English for Specific Purposes/ eLearning”

In 2013
“E-Portfolio System as a Source for Prospective VET Graduates”

In 2014
the school took part in a KA2 Strategic Partnership “Career Management Skills”
project amongst the higher education institutions with its Italian, Greek, Romanian, Spanish and UK partners and completed successfully.

In 2015
as the applicant in a Partnership Project “Better e-Learning for All”
and was completed successfully.

In 2017
“New Life - Reshaping Life in a Generous Country” about teaching languages by Android Apps and Moodle Platform to women refugees in the host countries with its Greek, Maltese and Portuguese partners.

In 2018
the school started 2 partnership projects, “E-Tutoring -Web Tools and Resources for Study and Career" among the Higher Education Institutions and

“Gaming in Action - Engaging Adult Learners and Game-based Learning with Games and Gamification” They are still in progress.




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