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Çukurova Kaymakamligi


  • Cukurova is a district in  Adana, province of Turkey. It is a modern residential district, highly developed in the last 30 years as the city expanded.

  • Cukurova District Governorship (called CK in this Project) is the local authority which coordinates relationship among all public bodies (9

    directorates) in this wide region.

  • We are in the position of establishing and inspecting all kinds of Educational Institutions in the District.



    Çukurova Kaymakamligi


    Our governorship, Cukurova District ensures that laws and regulations are enforced in the district, observing that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations of the officers.

    We provide synchronization of different public organizations working in the county.

    We work to determine the needs of the citizens living in the province and to allow the elimination of the needs.


    With subordinate officers, the governor, we are in contact with military officers and citizens.

    We listen to public complaints, determine the needs and take necessary precautions.

    We provide coordination between public institutions and organizations in the district.


    One of our mission is

    to develop education-teaching process by following modern innovations and advances,by carrying out researches;

    to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of National Education System and to cooperate all social body established in the District.

    WorkPackage 3 Stakeholders Involvement

    • CK has great advantage of having each level of schools working directly under its directives;

    • it represents by the nature the one who knows how to involve schools in the necessary activities;

    • its responsible in the project for ensuring the involvement of external stakeholders (schools but also all the other additional stakeholders) at EU level.

CK will have a very strong potential of dissemination and incorporation by 3rd parties

Students, teachers, trainers, tutors, parents - external to the partnership with regards to its media support and lack of geographic or any physic barriers.


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